5 Tips to Increase TikTok Engagement and How to Calculate it

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Benjamin on Sep 09 2022

5 Tips to Increase TikTok Engagement and How to Calculate it

With more than one billion active monthly users and more than 3 billion worldwide installations, TikTok has quickly become one of the most popular social media platforms around the globe. The platform does not only draw large crowds. However, it also boasts one of the most engagement rates of any social media.

To marketers, TikTok provides a new world of users who are not just engaged but are also constantly active.

Success on TikTok requires organic shares, likes, comments, collaborations, and many more. This type of engagement isn't unique to the platform. However, the way to secure it will be different than Instagram and Facebook.

In this post, we'll show you how to determine TikTok engagement rates and give tips to improve participation on this platform. We're going to be focusing on genuine engagement in this article.

We'll teach you how to assess your success through TikTok (with a simple-to-use TikTok Engagement Calculator) and how to help yourself when your engagement levels are not quite what you want them to be. If you're prepared to follow the next steps, take a look.

What Does "TikTok Engagement" Mean?

Before we begin the TikTok engagement calculator, we need to define what we refer to as "engagement."

Most of the time, all things that draw a person's attention can be considered an engagement. This can include views, comments, likes or shares.

Users' engagement is crucial in customizing your TikTok For You page. That means the more users can share, like, comment and engage with your content, the more likely it is to be found naturally.

Marketers seeking to increase the effectiveness of TikTok campaigns need to analyse these metrics and adjust their performance in time. Here's a brief overview of the things these engagement rates provide:

  • What do people think of your videos? Are they giving feedback or sending a simple message? Comments are a great way to see how people respond to your posts.
  • Shares: How often have you seen your video shared? This will tell you how popular your video could be.
  • The number of Likes. How many viewers enjoyed your video? This is an excellent indication of how well-known your content is and how much it will be viewed.
  • What is the number of viewers who have watched your video? This is used to determine if the content appears on user feeds and is getting their interest.
  • Total time of play: Do they enjoy your videos to close? This could be a sign your content is keeping viewers interested. This is particularly useful in you compare your content to competitors' content.

How to Boost TikTok Engagement?

Increasing engagement in any media platform isn't easy. However, TikTok is thriving with daily active users, engaged users and innovative content.

Below are five ways that you can boost the amount of TikTok engagement.

1) On TikTok, Use the Q & A Feature to Ask Questions

The feature was launched in March of 2021. TikTok introduced a new feature which allows creators to add questions or answer sections to their profiles. This feature is accessible to everyone and is accessible under your bio.

Questions can be sent via an online submission form on the creator's website. Users are also able to like comments in this area.

After questions have been posted and answered, the creator can respond to the questions with videos. This is a fantastic method to make highly relevant content for your followers and to increase engagement.

Be sure to ensure that you respond to the most questions you can! The more involved you are with your readers, the more they interact with your posts.

To utilize TikTok's Q&A feature, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Your TikTok profile, and then click on the three lines at the top right corner
  2. Click for Creator tools
  3. Click Q&A
  4. Ask your questions, or reply to questions asked by other people.

2) Interact and Engage With Other TikTok Users

According to TikTok that 21 per cent of users feel more connected to companies that make comments on posts posted by other users. A further 61% prefer it when brands are part of the trend.

If you're looking to improve your TikTok engagement, begin to engage with fellow users. Like their posts, comment on them, follow them or reply to their messages.

This will allow you to build connections with your community and help you create an intimate connection with your followers.

3) Create New Content Using the TikTok Analytics Feature

TikTok analytics can provide a lot of information about who is viewing the content you post and what they interact with the content. This information will help you to create unique, new content that you are sure your audience will enjoy.

Learn about what demographics you can draw from your readers, including their age, gender and geographic location. Knowing this will allow us to create relevant content that will appeal to viewers.

Analytics is also a great tool to determine which videos are the most popular and the kind of content that resonates with your viewers. This data can assist you in making similar content or trying out new styles and genres.

When you've a solid grasp of your customers, it's the right time to engage them.

Comment and like their posts, respond to messages and DMs Follow accounts that you are interested in and are connected to. This can help make your page visible to more people, and other users will be more likely to engage with your content and vice versa.

4) Utilize Videos to Reply to The Comments

It is well-known that engaging with your followers via messages and comments is crucial to improving engagement. While most social networks limit comments to texts only, TikTok has introduced video responses to the list of options available.

Responding to comments by video is a great method to amaze your viewers and make them feel appreciated. They will appreciate knowing that you're responding personally to your comments and interacting with them on the platform.

Additionally, it creates many opportunities for comedy!

To respond to an email using a video, Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the comment section on the video you're watching. Then hit the comments that you wish to respond to.
  2. Click on the red camera icon, which appears in the lower left.
  3. Select Upload or Record and upload your uploaded video to your comments.

5) Use TikTok's Stitch and Duet Features

Stitch as well as Duet are two unique options that only exist on TikTok. These highly interactive tools can be a huge help in improving engagement rates on TikTok and are simple to make use of.

The Stitch feature lets users incorporate a part of other's videos into their own. Videos can be cut to the length you want and then recorded using what you'd like to include.

The most effective way to use the feature is to ask a question on your video, which will prompt users to join in with you. This will boost engagement and initiate conversations with your fellow users.

Here's an example of a stitch the course of action:

The Duet feature allows you to add your content to an existing video uploaded by another user. Duets usually feature videos with dancing and singing, which is why they are called.

In duets, both videos will be played side-by-side on the app, which means you can watch both videos simultaneously. They can also be used for imitation, reaction, or skits.

Duet chains are also increasing in popularity. Duet chains are formed when multiple people make an original duet. The more creators participate, the more well-known the whole chain gets. You can find examples of such chains when you search for the hashtag #DuetChain on TikTok.

How to Determine Engagement on TikTok?

TikTok engagement rates determine the effectiveness of your content in interacting with its users. There are numerous methods to determine Engagement rates. However, these are two formulas that we have found to be the most effective:

(Number of Likes + Comments)/Number of Followers) x 100


(Number of Likes + Comments + Shares)/Number of Followers) x 100

If you're trying to determine the TikTok engagement rates, you can locate comments, likes, follows and share metrics on the TikTok Analytics platform.