Refund Policy

Social Booster UK delivers all the orders happily, without any issue for all types of social media services.

Here you can see the full details about the refund policy of the company.

Stay In Touch

All the issues can be solved with a single email. If you are facing some problems, stay in touch with our support team. They will perform their best to solve your problems immediately. 

Situations That Can Stop Your Refunds

  • The follower’s services are auto-refill. If a specific amount of Followers, Likes, Comment drops, we provide 30 days refill guarantee. We will not refill in the case, If your Instagram account is suspended, or for some reasons, your content is removed by Instagram.
  • Also, if you change your social media profile username, you will not get any refills.
  • The Subscription of Instagram auto likes and auto views service will expire within 60 days.
  • We provide high-quality social media services to our customers. In case you experience a drop in the number of followers, it is not our responsibility. Drops occur because of that social media algorithm change. We are not responsible for the drops as we continuously manage on developing our social media services.
  • We will not refund If you have started a claim with PayPal or placed a charge-back respectively with your credit card company.

Get A Full Or Partial Money-Back

  • We will refund money If we are unable to process your order due to any technical problems with our system.
  • We are unable to complete your order because of the social media update, social media account issue, which made us stop the delivery.
  • Once the order is in process, we will be incapable of refunding that. You will need to hold on for the cancellation or return.
  • If services will be partially delivered and you would want to cancel the order for the provided value of services, then we will charge partially.