What is TikTok and How It's Algorithm Works

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Benjamin on Jun 14 2020

What is TikTok and How It's Algorithm Works

There is a fun fact linked with the social media platform that is TikTok. 

TikTok is not exactly a typical social media network like Facebook. It is a slight difference from regular social networks where people can socialize, associate each other, and interact in various ways. TikTok is an excellent social media platform for those teens who love to create and share their videos online for entertainment purposes.

Basic Introduction of Social Network TikTok

TikTok is a standard, unique, and new style of the subculture, allowing its users to express themselves, and what they want to display. Teens are handling this platform a bit creatively by showing their talent, sharing their feelings, using the ability of expression, and copying their favorite stars.

You will discover all kinds of personalities on this entertainment platform. Because of this reason, TikTok is growing out very fast. It's not too early to assume that it is an entirely enjoyable alternative for Facebook and Instagram.

TikTok is more influential than other social networks because it is the best to create entertaining videos based on user's creative ideas.

More Users Surfing TikTok Everyday

Mostly youngsters are attached to this network. You will discover many young people using the TikTok platform for producing their attractive videos, which is very impressive. 

According to current social media statistics, there are more than 800 Million users on this social media platform, and this number will be expected to increase with time. Almost 41% of TikTokers are between the age of 10 to 24. This network is popular enough in nearly every country between boys and girls because it has so many fun options to keep them engaged.

Most users enjoy to use TikTok for its best features:

  • TikTok does not restrict its users from doing what they want and love to do.
  • Excellent video features are available for free.
  • Possibilities to share creative video content
  • Ease of expression without any strict rules and regulations.
  • Lip syncing option with the music in the background
  • Fun filters, stickers, and video editing tools available on the TikTok platform.
  • Live streaming option to connect with their TikTok followers in Real-Time

TikTok Algorithm Explained

Exactly like any other social media platform, the TikTok Algorithm operates by measuring and scoring the quality of the content shared by its audience every single day. Knowing the social media algorithm is very complex, because their system continues updating by time to time to work with new updates. Algorithm updates confirm to secure network for the users by adapting new algorithm rules to producing better changes than before.

In simple words, TikTok apps typically adjust to develop an algorithm to promote user content on the platform. The algorithm impacts on your videos, how your content display to other users and your followers interact with your posts.

How Does TikTok Algorithm Work?

With time, TikTok has performed many changes to its networking features and tools. With important algorithm updates, they work by advancing the use of its pre-defined statistics, and analysis tools to evaluate the content and also the quality of every video a user uploads on the TikTok.

Now the point is that how the TikTok algorithm evaluates your content for good or bad quality, its worth, and engagement. The response is simple; when you post quality video, you get TikTok views, followers, likes, and your content will possibly become viral on the network reaching to your social authority. 

  • A typical user produces a video doing any of his favorite content. In start, TikTok does not recognize what the content is all about, and it is worthy of sharing on the network.
  • When a new video is shared on the platform, the TikTok algorithm starts collecting the data about it. TikTok Algorithm engine works to pre-set commands to evaluate more videos at a time.
  • First off, the device sends the videos on trials by presenting to a limited number of viewers or users. The step enables the tool to write down graphical data of the video to display whether the content is interesting or not.
  • TikTok Algorithm is an analysis tool that creates a graph of how long your video content is being viewed, how many likes, shares, comments, and views it has received.
  • TikTok Algorithm for views also marks down the watching time of users on the video content. If a video has earned more views in a short time, it displays to more users.