Most Instagrammable Places in Dubai: From Skyscrapers to Street Art

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Benjamin on Oct 29 2023

Most Instagrammable Places in Dubai: From Skyscrapers to Street Art

Welcome to the amazing city of Dubai! It's a place filled with beautiful sights perfect for taking pictures and sharing them with your Instagram followers. Everywhere you look, there are tall buildings that seem to touch the sky and colourful street art in the busy streets. Dubai is like a paradise for people who love taking photos for social media. So, let's discover the most Instagrammable places in Dubai that will make your feed look incredible. Get your camera ready and explore the sparkling world of Dubai!

Burj Khalifa

Undoubtedly, a visit to Dubai wouldn't be complete without snapping a shot of the iconic Burj Khalifa. It is the ultimate skyscraper. The tallest structure in the world. It is the perfect place to take stunning pictures for your Instagram. You can go to the 148th floor and see an incredible view of Dubai, with the Palm Jumeirah and the coast of the Persian Gulf below. So, don't forget to strike a pose and take a perfect photo to amaze your friends at home.

The View at the Palm

If you want to find a truly beautiful place for your Instagram pictures, you should check out The View at the Palm. It's an amazing deck where you can look out and see the whole coastline of Dubai. It's located on the Palm Jumeirah. Furthermore, if you go there at the right time, you can see the sky turn warm and colourful. It will make your pictures look even better. Also, remember to take pictures next to the glass walls, so you can have a nice background in your photos.

Ain Dubai

The largest Ferris wheel in the world, Ain Dubai, is among the top Instagrammable places in Dubai. This giant observation wheel is located on Bluewaters Island. It gives you an amazing a view of the city and its surroundings. But if you want to make your Instagram pictures look even better, try going there when the lights on Ain Dubai are on. The wheel lights up the night sky with many different colours, like a beautiful pattern.

The Pointe

Located on the famous Palm Jumeirah, The Pointe is a beautiful place by the water. It has many fun things to do, stunning views, and delicious dining options. This exciting outdoor area is truly worth booking those Dubai holiday packages. When you arrive at The Pointe, get ready to see something amazing: the biggest fountain in the world, the Palm Fountain. It's really impressive! So, make sure to take a cool picture in front of the beautiful waterfront.

Aura Skypool

Are you searching for a unique pool experience? Well, you've found it with the Aura Skypool! This pool is unlike any other because it seems to go on forever. You can swim and relax while seeing the entire city of Dubai from high up. It's the highest 360-degree infinity pool in the world, and it offers a complete view of everything around you. When in the pool, it feels as though you're floating in the sky because the water is so clear and blends with the sky. It's truly a magnificent sight that will make you feel overwhelmed by its beauty.

Dubai Desert

Escape the busy city and head to the Dubai Desert for an amazing experience. It is perfect for taking photos that capture the beauty of the Arabian desert. The dunes create a breathtaking background for your pictures, specifically during sunrise or sunset. And don't miss the classic desert photo opportunity: taking a selfie with a camel. Just remember to drink plenty of water, protect yourself from the sun, and listen to guides to stay safe and have a great time.

Dubai Creek

A visit to Dubai wouldn't be complete without visiting the historic Dubai Creek. It's a beautiful waterway full of things to do and one of the most Instagrammable places in Dubai. You can get on a special kind of boat called an abra, made out of wood, and take a journey back in time. The best time to go to Dubai Creek is right before the sun sets when the light is soft, and everything looks warm. You should take pictures of the city lights reflecting on the water when it gets dark. The lit-up buildings and the shiny creek make the place feel magical.

Dubai Garden Glow

Dubai Garden Glow is a theme park in Zabeel Park where you can see unique sculptures made from art, creativity, and technology. When it gets dark outside, the place becomes a magical wonderland with colourful lights and fantastic creations. The garden has lit structures made from energy-saving bulbs that will make your pictures look really cool. It's a chance to take beautiful photos of Dubai in a way that no one else has done before. So, don't forget to charge your camera because there are so many amazing things to photograph.

Alserkal Avenue

In the heart of Dubai's industrial district, there's a special place called Alserkal Avenue. It has many art galleries with artwork from artists around the world, both famous and new. Alserkal Avenue also has cool cafes and hangout spots to relax and enjoy the artistic atmosphere. These places are trendy and perfect for sharing urban-style photos on Instagram. But there is more. It also has fantastic street art. As you stroll through the streets, you'll see walls decorated with colourful paintings and vibrant graffiti that catch your eye. So, make sure to add Alserkal Avenue to your list of must-visit places when booking Dubai holiday packages.

City Walk

If you want to visit a really cool place with fashionable shops, colourful paintings on the walls, and a modern city vibe, then visit City Walk. City Walk has buildings designed to look the way like those in Europe. Moreover, it is filled with energy, so you can take many great photos there. Artists have made beautiful paintings on the walls. There are big pictures, colourful graffiti, and very detailed designs that make the place look different all the time. So, you can take really creative and visually stunning images for your Instagram posts there.

Dubai Design District

Lastly, if you enjoy art and design, you should visit Dubai Design District (D3). It's a place where creative people like designers, artists, and visionaries gather to show their talent. You'll find beautiful buildings and unique structures everywhere you look in this area. They are designed in a modern and artistic way, with clean lines and interesting shapes. So, these make great backgrounds for taking pictures of architecture. While walking around, pay attention to the fascinating outdoor artworks placed all over the district. They are huge sculptures and art pieces that add to the fun and creativity of the cityscape.

Update Your Feed With Dubai Holiday Packages

As you may have understood by now, Dubai is home to many of the tallest and largest monuments in the world. So, obviously, there is no shortage of Instagrammable places in Dubai. With endless places to explore and capture, it is a must-visit city. 

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